Our Poor Baby Girl Gretchen :-(

Our 12 year old boxer Gretchen gave us a scare last night. She was very cold to the touch and wouldn’t really respond to us. It ended up being a late night doing an emergency run to the vets where we found out she has some heart problems. Nothing really new to us. We went through it with our boxer Rudy before he passed away last year at the age of 12. We came very close to making the call to put Gretchen to sleep last night but opted to let the vet keep her overnight and see how she responded to medicine. I’m really glad we did. She’s doing pretty good today and is back home where she belongs. She’ll have to take meds every day for it from now on but like I said, we’ve been here before. As long as she’s able to move on her own power and isn’t in pain, we plan to keep her around as long as we can.  We can’t express enough our gratitude to all the vets and staff at Shawnee Animal Clinic for everything that they have done for all our babies over the years. They are the best at what they do!

Gretchen home where she belongs!